Be Cool

Everyone knows that London in the summer can be a hot and stuffy place, especially when you want to climb indoors….well, not at VauxWall, London’s only Zone 1 climbing facility.

Our central arch has a fantastic state of the art air-conditioning system, which maintains a cool ambient temperature, giving great high friction conditions to send those problems.

All our arches have been fitted with air extraction systems that maintain a clean and healthy environment, essential in indoor bouldering walls – it really does make a significant difference, you’ll be amazed!

We have also started our new Membership Options, so whether you are looking for an Anytime Entry, Off-peak Entry or 10 entry punchcard, we will have something to suit your needs – click here for further details.

At VauxWall, we are setting a new standard for accessible, clean and constantly evolving indoor climbing, driven by our passion for climbing and the positive effects it can bring to everyone’s lives.